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How Often Should The Lawn Be Mowed?

Nov 3


Mowing your lawn is the most time-consuming task. Cutting your grass will make your home look great and help maintain your grass's peak performance.

Many factors affect how often you mow. 


These factors include the amount of rainfall, soil type, grass type, fertilization, and how much time you have to do the job. These guidelines will help you determine the best mowing time for your lawn.


Mowing Grass Tips

Mowing grass tip always start cutting your grass on a dry lawn is more efficient than mowing when it has grown to less than 50% of its former height, and the mower blades have a sharp edge.

Different Types of Turf

Grasses are green living plants often grouped to make a single entity called turf. This makes up a lawn. Turf can grow at different rates depending upon the type of grass, climate and amount of shade. 


Some varieties prefer to be cut higher than others, while others prefer to stay closer to the soil. You can determine the ideal height of your lawn by knowing when it is active.


Cool-season grasses

Cool season grasses like fescues, bluegrass, and ryegrasses multiply in spring and autumn. They will need to get cut more frequently when the rainfall is higher.


 Broadleaf weeds can be controlled by mowing at the highest height possible during the spring months. In the summer heat, grass growth will slow down and will require less mowing.


Warm-season grasses

In states with hot summers and mild winters, warm-season grasses are more common in the southwest and southern hemispheres. St. Augustine Bermuda, Buffalo, and 


Zoysia grasses thrive in the summer heat, but they don't overwinter like cool-season grasses. These grasses require more frequent mowing during periods of heavy rainfall.


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Shade grasses

Many types of grass thrive in the sun. It isn't easy to grow grass in the shade. Although unique mixes are available at most places that sell grass seed for shade, germination is dependent on the light, which makes it challenging to maintain a shaded lawn.


 These conditions are better for cool-season grasses. You might want to mow higher and less often in these areas. A perennial flower bed or a grass lawn could be options.


New lawn

A new lawn should always be mowed as you would an existing property. It is OK to start cutting grass after it has reached the ideal height, but not too soon.