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Armour Stone For Your Property

May 3

Armour Stone

For Your Landscaping Needs!

Looking to enhance your landscaping with stone products? With Stewart’s Cutting Edge we can help you achieve the absolute best look for your property with Armour stone. Stewart's offers landscaping services such as adding armour stone to your property if you need it to help with sloping terrain. This is a good way to reclaim flat ground. Retaining walls are extremely versatile and can be used to construct all kinds of outdoor space- from garden beds and ponds to outdoor living areas with patio stones.

From large landscape stone on your sloping or terraced property to natural stone steps, Stewart’s Cutting Edge Inc. will be able to provide you with a safe, adequately constructed natural-looking stone for retaining walls. Our professionals will make sure to meet your satisfaction and needs for your property.

How Our Construction Process Works

The margin for error when it comes to construction projects is always tiny. This is why it is crucial not to rely on natural elements that could lead to unpredictable results and potential danger in the long-run. Our professionals mitigate these risks by using only high-quality building stones that are designed to withstand a large amount of pressure while constructing your Armour Stone retaining walls.

We start with our initial consultation; then, we will determine how many feet of retaining wall you need. The height of the wall and potential building permit, or engineer will then be sorted out. Stewart’s Cutting Edge Inc. will consult with you on the type of stone you’d like your retaining wall built with an estimate for the work, and the timeline is then processed to give you the most accurate start and end dates.

Stewart’s Cutting Edge Inc. specialist will meet all your needs to provide you with the property which satisfies you the most after using armour stone retaining walls.

The time it takes to put in stone for retaining wall can vary from project to project. The final cost can also be higher or lower depending on the slope of your property, the amount of earth your wall must hold back, and the overall accessibility of your property.

Note if you are building any landscaping project over 1.2 meters, you will need a Geo-technical engineer.

Your Retaining Wall Needs A Proper Drainage System

Retaining walls help keep water out of a property by holding it back through the use of channels and a wall to control its strength. The water that builds up over time is known as hydrostatic pressure. This can threaten the stability of the property if it doesn't remain at an acceptable level which varies for each case

With Stewarts Cutting Edge, we design retaining walls making it a must that there is a proper drainage system. Weep holes, lateral drains, and blanket drains are all examples of sufficient drainage systems. When building, the use of very granular soil or fill is helpful.

Construction firms that underestimate external forces are more likely to have a retaining wall that fails. This can happen if they don't take into consideration the drainage systems strength and whether or not it's working properly. Sometimes they are nonexistent from jobs poorly done by armour stone companies. Thus our professionals are extremely focused on a quality error-free service.

Understanding Surcharge Loads

If you are wondering what a surcharge on a retaining wall stone is, it is merely any natural element that rests on the surface of the soil close enough (directly above or within 4 feet) of the landscape stone to cause a lateral pressure on the wall. Understanding surcharge loads are significant to the stability of your wall as well as it’s lifetime expectancy. Make sure to ask your contractor this if this applies to our property.

Getting your landscaping project designed and built with a little more care and proper procedure opens up opportunities. Say you want to park a vehicle, boat, or an RV on top of the area having more care put into this would amass the surcharge load, allowing you to do so.

Why Choose Stewart's Cutting Edge Inc.?

With Stewart’s Cutting Edge Inc. a small, locally-owned, family run landscaping business, our experts believe in providing remarkable service as well as a value along with complete customer satisfaction with every landscaping project we take on. We take our craft seriously and know that every retaining wall we create is unique. Our talented and professional contractors are always mindful of the surrounding environment, so all work is done with precision and no trace is left behind.